Child development centres

Projects of Compassion International

STARD is functioning as a Partner of Compassion International in running three projects viz. Karunya Child Development Centre, Neyyar dam, Snehajyothi Child Development Centre, Malicode and Youth Transit Centre at Nagercoil. The projects are sponsored and funded by Compassion International, which works through the Church to reach out to the children. Sponsorship enables the implementing Church Partners to help the holistic development of the children spiritually, economically, socially and physically. Church being the body of Christ is the God-ordained institution that can holistically release children out of poverty. While all aspects of development are key, inner transformation alone stands at the core of holistic development. As Christ transforms the child, the child transforms the community. The child becomes an agent of transformation. It is gratifying to be a partner of Compassion International is transforming the future of hundreds of children hailing from poor families in the rural areas of South Travancore and Kanyakumari District. The three centres functioned extremely well during the year under report in achieving the objective.

(i) Karunya Child Development Centre, Neyyar Dam
This centre started functioning from 17th April 2003.. The needs of 298 children studying in IVth standard to Degree level are met by the Centre. This includes students studying for +2, and degree courses like B.Sc(Nursing), B.B.A, B.Pharm etc . Programmes necessary for the integrated development of the children especially in the fields of education, physical, spiritual and social are implemented by the centre. Tuition, curriculum training, uniforms, text books, hygiene materials, etc. are provided by the Centre. Expenses towards tuition fees and computer fees etc are also met by the Centre. Nutritious food is supplied to the children daily.

Sunday school, VBS, CEF classes and fellowship meetings were conducted for the spiritual development of the children. Monthly parents meetings, area meetings, family fellowship, fathers meeting, etc. were also held.

29 students who appeared for SSLC examination passed with creditable marks. 27 out of 32 students who appeared for 12th standard examination came out successful.

The children were provided sports coaching under the supervision of a Sports Teacher. The children of Karunya CDC secured the championship in the sports competition for children of 12 CDCs in the central kerala Cluster continuously for the second year also. Senior students conducted de-addiction and dengue fever awareness programme in the neighbouring village. The cleaning work for the canal was conducted by our students for 1 kilometre. 5 children had donated blood for the poor needy patients. 10 senior children had attended the VBS leadership training conducted by the Mar Thoma Sunday school samajam and conducted VBS in the neighbourhood 5 churches.

The activities of the Centre are looked after by 10 Child Development Facilitators and 5 Kitchen staff. Rev. Mathew Varghese is functioning as Project Director and Mrs. Roby Ani as Project Co-ordinator.

(ii) Snehajyothi Child Development Centre, Malaicode
The Centre started functioning on 15th August 2003. During the year the Centre catered to the needs of 310 children including those studying for B.Sc. Nursing, B.Tech., Polytechnic, ITI etc. courses and in Schools. The centre provided nutritious food, hygiene items, study materials, etc. to the children. Special tuition, Spoken English Classes, Supply of Text Books etc. are provided for the cognitive development of the children. The project mainly focuses to the holistic development of the children and community and conducts various programmes effectively to reach its goal. Spiritual Camp, Retreats, Job oriented training, Life skill training, Community living, Science and Craft Exhibition, Talent orientation, Educational care and support, Sunday School, VBS, Curriculum classes, Journalism workshop, acting workshop, Master medical check up, Community cleaning, Health training programs, Sneha Jyothi Communications, Various awareness programs like anti alcoholic campaign, My village healthy village, child protection, HIV/AIDS day observance, etc were the major programs. We have arranged various training programs for the staff to asses the children effectively and accurately. After the assessment,, various steps and plan of action had been taken by the project. It helped the children to reach their goal and helped the project to reach its objective.

Various clubs like, Prayer cell, Health Club, SAAM (student anti alcoholic movement), Life care unit, Child protection forum, Teens forum, Youth Club, Sport club, Arts club, science forum, etc have been functioning in the project.

Balavedi childrens club and Sneha Jyothi communications are the out reach programs of the project.

In the year we have supported 4 families for livelihood development and gave financial assistance for house construction. In addition to this we gave assistance to pay the children’s fee and Medical help for the children and their siblings.

Sisumithra Parents leaders’ forum, Social Service Center, Health Sena , Various production units like Umbrella making, soap making, lotion making, saree painting, paper carry bag making units had worked effectively for the parents during the period.

The activities of the Centre are looked after by 8 Child Development Facilitators and 5 Kitchen staff. Rev. Shiju Babu is functioning as Project Director and Mr. Saji Kumar S.R. as Project Co-ordinator.

(iii) Youth Transit Centre, Nagercoil
The Centre started functioning on 15th August, 2006. The centre catered to the needs of 103 young adults who were studying for B.Tech., Nursing, Para medical , Polytechnic, and Other Courses. The project staff meet the young adults once or twice in a week and provide necessary guidance for their spiritual and personality development. Besides educational assistance, the centre provides assistance in medical and health, regular food for the family of those who are in need, family medical care, spiritual fellowship etc. Counselling, Bible Classes, Health Awareness, talks on social issues, soft skill development, Group discussion, leadership development, vocational training, educational guidance, etc. are also provided to them. They have formed groups to work in the society against child abuse, alcoholism, tobacco, etc. Eco club and blood donation team are also functioning under the leadership of the young adults.

The activities of the Centre are looked after by 3 Child Development Facilitators. Rev. Thomas George is functioning as Project Director and Ms. Robon Silvia as Project Co-ordinator.